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Our Vision: Through community engagement, Hudson will produce a healthier community that supports adolescents’ healthy decision-making.

Our Mission: The community of Hudson will work to measurably transform adolescent substance use by building community capacity and supporting substance abuse prevention, early intervention, and treatment.

The foundation for an effective substance use reduction and prevention program is a well-organized and functioning community coalition. One of the main activities for this project was to establish a community-based substance use prevention coalition with representatives from various sectors within the community. This partner approach will assist the project in being responsive and effective, and to provide culturally-competent content that meets existing and emerging needs in Hudson, as well as ensure a broad exchange of information and increased awareness.

Current coalition members represent the following sectors and agencies:

  • Youth

  • Hudson Public Schools

  • Parents and Parent Groups

  • Youth-serving Organizations

  • Hudson Police Department

  • Fraternal/Civic/Cultural Organizations

  • Substance Use Advocacy Groups

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Hudson Community Development Department

  • Business Community

  • Arts Community

  • Town Administrators

  • Hudson Health Department

Our Logo

The Hudson Youth Substance Abuse Prevention logo was inspired by original student artwork (seen below) created by two recent graduates of Hudson High School, Meredith Coffey and Michaela Savell, under the direction of Hudson High School Art Director, Mike Correa.

The bright figure in logo represents someone stepping forward, as if escaping from the influence of drugs and alcohol. The bright colors of the main character portrays a life without substance abuse.