About the Initiative

The MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey has uncovered areas of concern for Hudson’s youth, especially the prevalence of substance use. Additionally, substance use increases dramatically once youth reach high school. Visit Community Health for more information about substance use among Hudson youth.

In 2012, the Hudson Board of Health received a three-year grant from the MetroWest Health Foundation to support community efforts addressing youth substance abuse prevention, intervention, and increased access to treatment.  This grant ended in 2015.  

Hudson was awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. The grant is Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative (SAPC), and it's focus is on underage drinking prevention.

Since unhealthy behaviors threaten not just the well-being of youth, but ultimately have negative economic consequences for communities, it makes sense to seek community-wide solutions. The Hudson Youth Substance Abuse Prevention initiative will engage the entire community through a three-pronged approach; a community substance use coalition, environmental modifications, and school-based programs. By integrating various strategies into existing or new policies and activities throughout the community, the initiative will strive to create sustainable change for the town of Hudson.

Our Vision: Through community engagement, Hudson will produce a healthier community that supports adolescents’ healthy decision-making.

Our Mission: The community of Hudson will work to measurably transform adolescent substance use by building community capacity and supporting substance abuse prevention, early intervention, and treatment.

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